• Varna Suraksha Rodent Repellers - WX-6

Varna Suraksha Rodent Repellers - WX-6 Master Consoles are high frequency signal generators. These signals are fed to the transducers which in turn convert them into high frequency ultrasonic sound waves (well above the 20 Khz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of humans). The transducers emit intensive sound waves at high decibels (sound pressure) that are audible and painful to rodents but are inaudible (complete silence to humans) and harmless to humans. The rodents usually leave the area being protected by the ultrasound waves immediately and at other times it may take as long as 4 to 6 weeks before there is
significant reduction in rodent infestation.

Features of the System:

Master Console

An electronic System equipped with 3-pin power cord to be connected
to 1 Amp electrical plug point and SWITCHED ON round the clock. The
Master console should be installed in safe room and fixed to the stand
and brackets provided.


Power Supply 220V AC Mains Outlet / 50 HZ Frequency
OperatingFrequency Above 20 KHz
No. of Transducerssupported 6
Power Output 800 mW

Transducer Power Comsumptions 10 Watts Approximately
Sound Output 80 - 110 dB (Not Audible to Humans)
Master Console Weight 1500 Grams


Each Transducer can protect upto 300 Sq Ft. in a normal floor, 150 Sq Ft. in false ceiling and false flooring against rats. If there are anyobstructions, partitions, sound absorbing material within the room, the area covered will be considerably less, additional transducers has to be installed.
Does not require power supply, they are connected to Master
Can be installed in sensitive areas also, since there are no
electricity hazards.
Can withstand high and low temperature
Can be sound tested with help of testing knob provided in the

Master console.

How to install Transducers for Effective results?
Identify and install in enclosed areas where you have rat menace.
Install transducers within the false ceiling, normal open room and false flooring if any.
Face the transducers to solid surfaces like wall or floors for maximum bouncing of sound waves. Do not face the transducersto an open window or door, the sound will escape. Please go through the example chart below to get an idea about different surfaces ultrasonic waves bouncing effect when you are installing the transducers.

Ultrasonic Wave Reflection Chart (Approx.) - More the reflection better the results
Metal Surface or Glass Surface – Upto 100 %
Concrete Walls – 80 to 90%
Wooden Surface – 60 to 70%
Gunny bags & corrugate boxes – less than 10%

Effects of Ultrasound Repellent on Rats –The high sound pressure and multiple frequencies create painful effect on rat’s ear drums and make them unbearable. Damages their nervous system if they try to resist, and become slow-moving. Creates adverse effect on their reproduction activities and helps to control their population.
Their eating appetite totally gets affected with continuous irritation of ultrasonic waves.
Finally, they leave the area after some initial resistance.

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Varna Suraksha Rodent Repellers - WX-6

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